Monday, August 29, 2011

Picture ledge inspiration

After posting about the colorful picture frames/ledge that I saw in Italy, I came across this great shot of a Vicente Wolf room...

Like most of his spaces, the palette is neutral and the vibe is organic.  I love the banquette seating, rustic table and mix of artwork.  If I were incorporating a picture ledge in a main living space, I'd go with Vicente's neutral approach.

But, in a breakfast nook or playroom, I'd opt for something more colorful like this:

Aerin Lauder's home via Elle Decor, photo by Simon Upton
Here, the frames are all white, but the colorful artwork - including children's art - is bright and cheerful. 

The photo that I showed on Friday would be another way to achieve a similar look - all black
& white photos in various colored frames.

I tried to incorporate colorful frames with my girls' artwork in our kitchen, if you recall... unfortunately, that little gallery wall did not last long. I had used command strips to hang the frames in order to avoid putting multiple holes in the wall.  Well, one by one, the frames came tumbling down - startling us with a crash each time.  And, when I went to remove the strips, I actually pulled off a few large sections of the paint.  Eek!  So, we've gone back to the chaotic-but-wonderful masking tape approach to hanging the girls' artwork, hiding the pulled-off paint spots.  I'll have to snap a picture for you.

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