Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ribbon-trim roller shades

I used curtains on the basement windows to bring warmth to the space and give the appearance of height.  For privacy, I wanted to keep things clean and simple - roller shades were the perfect solution, and fit nicely in my budget.  I found the basic white fabric roller shades at Ikea (unfortunately, I can't find them on their website now - I wonder if they're discontinued?).  To give them a bit of personality and counter-balance the line of the black curtain rod, I trimmed them with gray grosgrain ribbon.      

Here you can see the shade without ribbon...

It wasn't only about decorating the shade... the ribbon trim was actually essential on this door-shade, since the edges of the shade are unfinished.  By gluing a band of ribbon along the edge, it effectively prevents fraying along the edges and fingerprints.

To trim the vertical edges, I unrolled the shade most of the way, ran the trim up the edges to near the top (using hot glue), and then rolled it back down to the length of the window. 

All in all - a very simple and inexpensive way to spruce up basic shades.  The ribbon cost under $10 and the whole effort took less than an hour.

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