Monday, August 1, 2011

Local Design: Propper Topper

Last weekend, before a lovely brunch with girlfriends at the charming Tabard Inn...

I finally had a few moments to explore one of DC's great independent boutiques... Propper Topper.  Not just hats (this should be your first stop if you are hat-shopping), Propper Topper also has stylish clothing and a nicely curated gift collection, with - my favorite - unique home accessories.

I love the idea of serving salt and pepper in mini-bowls with mini-spoons.

That mocha-colored jar was calling my name... so simple and chic.

These candles by Skeem smell even better than they look.

More delicious options...

Motor-oil, Palmolive and yogurt bottles - reenvisioned as art by Middle Kingdom.

This kind of shop makes me want to open a boutique.  I would have so much fun scouring the world to find wonderful and unique things to offer!  I'm probably too risk-averse to venture into retail... which is why I'm happy to have found this medium (blogging) for sharing the things that catch my eye.

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