Friday, August 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight: David Oleski

At each Bethesda Art Fair for the past five years, Mr. 12 devonshire and I have admired the large scale, bold, cheerful and colorful paintings of David Oleski.  One day... we would say...

It was about a week before our fifth wedding anniversary last year - we were home - kids were napping.  I thought we were waiting for an old friend to stop by for a quick visit (on his way through town for a work conference), but when there was a knock at the door, I didn't immediately recognize the person standing there.  I also couldn't figure out why our "friend" would be driving a big van and carrying a large package to our door. 

When I opened the door, the man standing there took off his sunglasses and introduced himself as David Oleski, I was too dumbfounded to respond.  Unfortunately, due to my dumbfoundedness (?), I don't think I gave the shocked/amazed/overwhelmed/THRILLED reaction that Mr. 12 d might have hoped for... but, I was!  Totally floored. 

He had communicated with David for months to select the perfect painting and plan the surprise.  Not only that, but knowing me - and how ridiculously picky I am - he had chosen one painting that he thought would be the best fit in our home, but also arranged for David to bring a selection of other paintings, so that I would have a choice.  I LOVED the red tulips painting that they had selected, but just to be 100% sure that it was the right choice, we tried out about five other paintings on various walls in our house.  It was SUCH a cool experience - a personal in-home art consultation with the artist himself.  Well, they had chosen VERY well, because the red tulips were absolutely perfect.

Red tulips in our living room.

David and his lovely wife spent some time chatting with us - they are terrific!  Such warm and kind people. 

I always look forward to finding David's booth at the Bethesda art fair, checking out his new works and catching up.  The skull is a recent work - I love his take on an edgy subject!  His dynamic brushstrokes, wonderful impressionist quality and beautiful happy colors are what make his paintings so irresistible to me - they brighten any room.  We're very proud to own one of his stunning works!

Thank you again (Mr. 12 d), for the BEST. GIFT. EVER.  Happy almost anniversary!!

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