Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Before & After: Basement Bathroom

Following up on last week's basement family room before & afters, today, I'll show you the basement bathroom.  Although we had planned to only do cosmetic fixes to this room (full renovation was not originally in the budget).... it turned out that a complete gut job was necessary.  In the end, it was so nice to have a fully renovated bathroom - but, the unanticipated expense certainly caused a few moments of stress!



As you can see, we kept the sink - it's in good shape and had a cute vintage-style faucet.

We were able to borrow a little space from an adjacent closet, which created the nook where we fit a small white cabinet and towel bar.

I'm not totally comfortable calling this "after", since there are still a few things I'd like to do in here to add some personality 

Here's what you didn't see above about the sink that we kept:

A sink-skirt has been on my to-do list for the past year.  Once I select a fabric, I think I'll make a valance for the window as well.  I've seen so many cute sink-skirt inspiration photos (see, for example, here), and am excited to have a place to try one out.  Also on the list is some wall art.  Will keep you posted on my progress!  (Maybe this is a better solution to my design withdrawal than hairbows...)


  1. Great job - I think a sink skirt would look fantastic!

  2. Wow what a big change! That is really night and day. Much more bright and airy. So did you move the ductwork, build a sofit, or just repaint it? A skirt sink will look and work perfect in that space.

  3. Thanks! Because the whole room ended up being gutted, the contractors identified an alternative route for the ductwork... which was such a pleasant surprise!


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