Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Swatches: Sink skirt fabric options

After posting about the basement bathroom - and my delinquency in tackling the sink skirt project - I realized that I have dragged my feet because I don't have a clear vision for what kind of colors/prints to bring into that room.  The walls are a medium greenish gray and the towels are sort of a muddy charcoal color.  Here's a reminder:

I started searching for fabrics, and found many that might work with the bathroom itself, but I can't decide what would work best with the basement as a whole. 

I love these first two, but not sure the boho/ethnic look will work so well with the adjacent family - in all its mid-century glory.  Also, looking more closely at the grays in these fabrics makes the bathroom walls truly look green.

Serena & Lily

Dwell Studio

This is a fun one - but, I perhaps too loud?

P Kaufmann

I think this would be very chic... but, maybe too preppy for this funkier part of my house?

P Kaufmann

I have a few yards of this lying around... nothing like a free project... but, this is so far from the style of the neighboring room.

Premier Prints

Oooh, now how about this?  I think I need some lavender in my life!

Premier Prints

Of course, I could always go with a solid fabric and contrasting trim.  I might need to mull this one over a bit longer (hopefully not another full year!).

Any thoughts?


  1. Cannot remember how I found your blog a couple of months ago, but I'm so glad I did. Love all of your diy projects especially your upholstered headboard. Do you remember where you purchased the bedframe? Maybe you posted this already, but I couldn't find it. Can't wait to tackle this project in our new (old) home. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I like the Geometric, Woven Slick Mink. IMO it's not as preppy as you think. I actually remember the era of your furniture and that fabric would have fit right in. It also has clean lines, which suit the bathroom.

  3. Thanks, Sara! The harvard bed frame was a craigslist find. They typically come free with a mattress - and maybe they can be purchased from a mattress shop, but I'm sure they come up frequently on craigslist too. Good luck! Would love to see a photo of your headboard if you go for it!

    And, thanks Mom :) Maybe you're right - I usually associate trellis patterns with chinoiserie or Palm Beach style... but, this one might have a retro look. It's not that I want to have a "theme-y" basement... I just don't want it to look like I'm a complete design schizophrenic!

  4. I will certainly keep you posted. I have a few other projects lined up, but posted a link to your blog and a picture of your headboard here. Thanks again!



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