Monday, August 8, 2011

Project withdrawal

After finishing up the master bedroom and bath, and girls' bathroom, my DIY productivity has taken a major downturn.  I haven't been completely lacking for inspiration, but there are no home projects that are terribly urgent at the moment.  To boot, things have been very busy at work - so, there hasn't been much time for blogging, let alone, projects.  But, after a break of a few months, I started to feel like I was going through withdrawal. 

A little desperate for a creative outlet, I decided to tackle a small and simple task over the weekend...

... hairbows! 

I used to make my own hairbows when I was a kid, having learned from my aunt who had a business making and selling hairbows.  Having two girls has allowed me to reignite those DIY skills :)  They were both born with lots of hair - and now, both have long wavy/curly locks.  Luckily, they are pretty good about letting us put it up (most of the time).  Though I have made dozens of hairbows over the past four years, the collection seems to dwindle as time goes by.  It was time to replenish.  These are the new additions:

If you're interested in a tutorial - check out this great post


  1. As soon as I saw that glue gun and ribbon, I knew it!!! big smile on my face!

  2. My little Audrey is reading over my shoulder this morning and she would like a turquoise headband with a bow please. I guess I should get out my glue gun!


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