Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little project

Last weekend, we made a pilgrimmage to Ikea, and I went a little nuts in the frame department. I bought frames for a bunch of photos of the girls to take to our offices, some watercolor paintings that my grandma painted (need to find the right place to hang them) and the girls' artwork - which was haphazardly taped all over a wall in our kitchen, and was starting to take over (sorry, no before photos).  Tonight, I tackled this last project.

I just finished framing and hanging and here's the end result:

I just love kids' art work and little hand prints!  I have been thinking about doing this for ages - I am glad that I finally ticked it off the list!

P.S.  the wall color is NOT mustard... it's more of a sherbet orange color. 

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