Friday, August 26, 2011

Italy Part IV: Shopping & Design

We visited the Solimene factory in Vietri sul Mare (the "ceramic capital" of the Amalfi Coast), whose cheerful and whimsical traditional dishes I have always admired.

photo from Divertimenti.

Mr. 12 devonshire spotted these fun chevron dishes!  Too bad they were not for sale (and too bad the lady who worked there was rude to me when I asked about them!).

After browsing through about a dozen ceramic stores in town, I picked up this cute trio of cannisters:

I also poked my head into a few design shops here and there.

These photos are from the home section of a boutique that had beautiful clothes and shoes.  A bit anthropologie-esque. 

Notice the glass cloche?
The next few were taken in a modern kitschy cute design shop. 

Love this colorful way to display black and white photos.  This seems easily DIY-able with some IKEA frames, spray paint and a picture ledge.

So many unique serving sets in versatile and classic white.

I liked this oil & vinegar/ salt & pepper set.

This cute set of espresso cups came home with us (the top cup was in the dishwasher when I took the photo - thankfully, the whole set made it home perfectly intact).

The color scheme was described on the box as "Granny."  I'll admit that I can go for a little "granny chic" now and then. 

Several of the restaurants in which we ate had design elements that I looked forward to sharing on the blog, such as the coral chandeliers and beautiful tile floors at Buca Di Bacco in Positano...

The creative use of a galvanized bucket at a restaurant in Cava de Tirreni...

The stunning marble floors, white leather chesterfield chairs, grand floral arrangement, and schmancy bathroom at the jaw-dropping Grand Hotel Quisisana, where we enjoyed a lovely lunch in Capri...

And, the all-white shimmering jewel-box of a restaurant (Biancoro), where we enjoyed a delicious final meal in Naples before returning home...

where they had an original way to keep wine cold...

and, where we did ourselves in with THIS dessert...

Remember my love of (addiction to) Nutella?  This is called "Nutellini"... fried dough, drizzled with (doused in) Nutella.
On that delicious note, my little series of Italy posts comes to an end.  It was so wonderful to spend the week with family, exploring the gorgeous region, eating way too much delicious pizza and pasta and taking in all the spectacular views.   It's also been fun to re-live it all these past few days as I wrote my blog posts.  I can't believe the trip has come and gone and it's back to reality on Monday (we're still not quite over the jet-lag)!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Thank you, beautiful pictures. Loved seeing what was in the shops.

  2. I thought that looked like Vietri in the last post, but so many of the towns along the Amalfi coast look similar so I didn't say anything. I LOVE Vietri. On our last trip to Naples we took a day trip to Vietri and I picked up so many ceramic pieces for myself and for Christmas gifts that I packed them in diapers in their own carry-on suitcase.

    We moved recently and I haven't yet figured out where to put them all, but in our last apartment I had three separate vignettes. This is making me think I should go dig them up.

    Looks like it was a lovely trip--but I can't imagine having a bad time in Italy, its just so lovely.

  3. Thanks for your comments! Lisa - the last post had photos from Salerno, Ravello, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Naples and maybe one or two others. I just checked out your blog and love your paintings! Looking forward to reading more.


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