Friday, July 1, 2011

Wallpaper woes

So, I promised to show some pretty wallpapers today - and I did find a few... but, man, was it hard to browse the options online! 

First, I hit up Inside Fabric, because I knew they carried some wallpaper.  But - as with fabrics on their site, browsing is not much fun.

I think stenciling is more likely to give my mom the look she is going for - a subtle tone on tone repeat pattern - perhaps with a pearly sheen (similar to the inspiration photo I posted yesterday).  But, thinking outside the box a little, I rounded up a few wallpapers with a pictoral design that I could see working nicely in my parents' dining room. 
Cole & Sons
This beautiful bird/floral print is reminiscent of hand-painted De Gournay wallpapers, which I would absolutely love to use one day.  The colors would work so well with the pale green walls in my parents' home.

Cole & Sons
I always like seeing photos of dining rooms with bookcases - and trompe l'oeil can really inject humor into a traditional space.  This would be unexpected and quirky, but sophisticated and pretty at the same time.

When I first came across Schumacher's Opera, I was completely charmed.  This would just be so perfect for my conductor dad and opera singer mom!  EDIT:  I must have dreamt that this pattern came in wallpaper, because when I went back to locate it (even clickling on the link above), I realized that I had been looking at cotton fabric.  This doesn't mean that it couldn't be used as a wallcovering - I have seen many wonderful examples of upholstered walls - and apparently, it is easy to do with liquid starch, and does not damage the walls upon removal.  But, apologies for any confusion!
After getting frustrated going page by page by page on Inside Fabric, I did a little googling and found this blog post, which lists a few wallpaper websites.  Farrow & Ball has lots of beautiful, classic designs - any of these would be lovely.

Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball

Walnut Wallpaper's site is the easiest to navigate and has many fun and colorful designs... but, I think they're all a little too wild for Mom & Dad... so, I'll save those for another day.

Anyone have any recommendations for internet wallpaper resources?

Hope you have a great weekend and Happy 4th!

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