Tuesday, July 26, 2011

West Elm Pop-Up Shop

On my way to the CB2 event in Georgetown last week, I had a few minutes to check out the new West Elm Pop-Up Shop just down the street, which I learned about through My Notting Hill.  Although I've spent plenty of time browsing West Elm online, I have to say, that was no "spoiler" for the real thing.  Seeing all of their great products displayed in unique and exciting ways provided endless inspiration... I'm a big fan.

Mmm... those chunky knit throw blankets look so cozy, and the collection of varying sized vases in whites, greens and aquas are simple and lovely.

I love those apothecary jars as much in person as I have online... but, am sort of relieved that they were backordered when I tried to purchase them.  Three of them would definitely take up too much space on our bathroom vanity.  I adore all the blue and white bathroom accessories, and the pretty block-print style shower curtain.

That white ceramic alarm clock is adorable... now that I rely on my cell phone's alarm clock, I'm not sure I could go back to the shrill alarm of a vintage-style clock... but, it would sure look cute on a bed-side table.

This is what I love most about West Elm... there are plenty of modern clean lines - but, they are so well-balanced with rustic natural textures.

I love that this display is set against plywood squares... I could see this look working well in an urban loft or a mid-century home.

If you struggle, like I do, finding objects of varying heights to create a perfectly balanced vignette... these easel frames would be perfect!  Just find an old travel snapshot or a stylish print on etsy - and you can instantly "elevate" whatever you choose to display (literally and figuratively)!

I'm not sure this could be pulled off in a home - but it is a dramatic and effective store display!

Of course, I loved all the navy blues...

I'm not sure if the rumors about the "pop-up shop" only staying open for 6 months are true... I hope not! 

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