Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stencilled wall panels

Sorry for the delayed post - blogger was down last night and this morning. How frustrating!

Inspired by this photo that I posted a while back...

Savant Interior Design for Washington Design Center's Dream Home

my Mom suggested we think about doing something similar in her dining room.  We'll be spending next week visiting my family, and I'm hoping we'll be able to work on some design projects - maybe even this one.

Browsing for stencils, I came across Cutting Edge Stencils, which has some very stylish designs.  These are some of my favorites.

All images above via Cutting Edge Stencils.
Alternatively, we could use wallpaper... I'll post some pretty options tomorrow.

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  1. We are so on the same wavelength! I was just starting to look at Moroccan design wall stencils! Love these.


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