Monday, July 18, 2011

Brooklyn Bohemian Bedroom: Part I - Design Plan

Remember my friends in Brooklyn with the cool dining room pendants that inspired my industrial lighting post?  They just have all-around fabulous taste... so, I was more than flattered when they asked for my help in putting some finishing touches in their bedroom and living room.

Their bedroom is already beautiful.  Bright and light - and punctuated with these amazing bold and colorful curtains...

 a lovely grass green embroidered bedspead...

and, they're considering doing this moorish stencil accent wall in yellow and white (of course, I'm loving this idea!).
Royal Design Stencils on etsy
They are going for a bohemian vibe, and asked for some pillow ideas.  I came up with a few ideas... and threw in a few other accessories that would coordinate with any of the looks. 

What do you think?  I had so much fun putting these looks together, and can't wait to get started on their living room. 

Check back tomorrow for sources!

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