Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick photo tour of CB2 G-town

I snapped some photos in the new CB2 store in Georgetown during the Apartment Therapy Meetup event the other night.  I'd love to add commentary, but am going to let the photos speak for themselves, since I am writing this at 12:30am and really hoping to get to sleep momentarily! 

Ok - one quick bit of commentary - meet my new desk!  My days with a burning hot laptop on my well, lap, are over.  Not sure about the ergonomics, but it's simple and stylish and I couldn't resist.

One more thing... I was pleasantly surprised when the CB2 salespersons came out to hand all of the guests goody-bags - Oprah-style.  Everyone went home with one of the cute exclamation point hanging wall vases pictured above!
 Have a terrific weekend!

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