Thursday, May 5, 2011

Industrial Lighting

I've long been a fan of Pottery Barn's Edison chandelier...

I've even considered this for our bedroom, but I'm not sure I can pull it off in our space.  Here's a great example of it used in a bedroom.

Industrial lighting - and other vintage-y barebones light fixtures are generally becoming more popular, and I'm digging this trend.

Another Pottery Barn fixture that recently caught my eye is the Exeter 16-Jar Pendant.  I've seen DIY mason jar chandeliers on the internet, but I think I'd be too worried about electrical fires to try my hand at something like that.

Anthropologie has a great selection as well.  I fell for their Halo chandelier as soon as I saw it.  Arguably, this is a plain old ugly fixture (I can imagine grandparents asking what happened to the rest of it?)... but, I am strangely drawn to its simplicity and proportions - and I think I just crave a little edginess sometimes to balance my generally traditional aesthetic.  I bet there are DIY examples like this out there for the courageous. 

Their Mechanic's Beacon Light would be a great alternative to a bed-side lamp. I love the look of bed-side pendants.

What inspired me to look at Anthropologie's lighting offerings was a visit with close friends in NY to meet their precious baby girl several weeks ago.  They have a great apartment in Brooklyn with amazing view - furnished with sleek mid-century inspired pieces - and these fabulously simple and stunning pendant lamps over their dining table.

Hope I'll have another chance to see them soon - and will try to get more photos of their stylish pad!  But, here are the quick photos I snapped on my way out the door.

The Edison bulbs are key to making these types of fixtures look as good as they do.

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