Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Update: Trying out a black door - and a visit from Charlotte

On Saturday, in an effort to feel out the black interior door idea - I dug out an old gallon of black paint and slopped it on to the inside of our front door in two messy coats (after letting my girls have a little fun with "Do-A-Dots" all over the door).  Pardon the messy paint job, and messy foyer...

Here you can see the Craftsman-style light fixture that I'm thinking of replacing since it doesn't really fit the style of our home or decor.

I can't say this little "trial" is making the decision easier for me.  Clearly, with my messy paint job and this old door - it doesn't look like the beautiful black interior doors I see all over magazines and blogland - but, I think there's potential.  It's also hard to tell with this door, since our new door will have few or no windows.  Any thoughts?  What about navy blue - which would tie in to the many blues in our living and dining room?

As to our visit from Charlotte...

I opened our front door on Saturday morning, and found that she had woven a fantastic web right in front of our storm door.  We (ahem, Mr. 12 devonshire) swept aside the web and we lost track of her... until Sunday morning, when we found this (above) outside our dining room window.  Well, it might have been a relative (I think Charlotte was even bigger)... but, those are some busy (and GINORMOUS) spiders.  Yikes!


  1. what about a blue, grey, blackish color...

  2. I suggest trying to replace it. It looks old and I think it's already worn out. Try Devon bi fold doors. Their doors are durable and sustainable for UK weathers.

  3. What about light blue or turquoise? I think any of these colors would spruce up your front door quite nicely. You can also paint the trims with different colors to add more style. But if you think your door is already old and might be worn out in a few years, just replace it with a new one.


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