Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Front door hardware options

So, in case you were too kind/shy to tell me that you didn't like the yellow front door idea... not to worry, Mr. 12 devonshire shot that one down pretty quickly :)  So, a black door it is (most likely) - with no storm door (to avoid the trapped heat problem).

Some of the hardware options that I'm pondering...

Baldwin Glennon

Schlage Monaco

Baldwin Nantucket

Schlage Camelot

Baldwin Madison

Schlage Addison
Schlage Georgian

I'm leaning toward the combination of the last two pictured (Although the Baldwin designs are lovely, I'm not sure they're different enough to justify the higher price tag.)  Ideally, I would love to find perfectly aged brass hardware... but, from browsing the online offerings, I am not loving the "antique" or "aged" brass finishes that I'm finding.  I prefer the tarnished/spotty look - rather than the brushed look.  So, I think I'm going to go with polished brass.  It is a very common choice for colonial homes like ours, and I think it always look classy on a black front door.


  1. So glad to see you're favoring brass. It's warm and lovely. It seems like so many are choosing nickle or chrome finishes but those are cold and VERY trendy...and in fact they are so trendy (and not very pretty IMHO) that they are already on their way out. People are going to be ditching them left and right in favor of beautiful brass. Good choice!

  2. I like the Addison one the best. you could always try that 'rub and buff' stuff. I've never used it but Janell from Isabella and Max Rooms is always using it for somthing!
    I love the look of traditional brass on a black door!

  3. I like the brass too! I like the last few you posted with the Baldwin being my favorite. I agree though I wouldn't pay that much more for it. We decided against Baldwin for our interior door knobs for that same reason.

  4. To confirm that you are talented: I can barely discern a difference among these options. . .and certainly not a material difference. One more reason I would love you to live close!


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