Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something new?

In addition to providing more light into our entryway, part of our motivation to add windows on the sides of the entrance (where the blue tape is boxed off) is to break up the massive white blob on the front of our house. 

I do think the windows will help... but, why does it need to be a massive white blob?  Couldn't we do something to tone it down a little?

How about a light shade of gray (picking up some of the light tones in the roof)

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
or a light taupey shade (picking up the color of the horizontal stripe that runs above the first floor windows)? 

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

With crisp white trim, I think either could work - and might look really nice.  But, I have such a hard time visualizing exteriors!  I'm not sure why I can picture fabrics, patterns, furniture layouts in my head - but, I have a much harder time when it comes to the exterior features. 

I think I'll get samples of both and test them out.  It will still be hard to tell from a small patch, but it can't hurt!

Any thoughts?


  1. DO IT!!!!! I like the idea of matching it up to the horizontal stripe in the brick. It will blend in a bit more that way. I also think the windows will look awesome!


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