Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink & Green Nursery

I realize that I've never shared photos of our older daughter's nursery.  As you can see - for my first baby girl - I went uber-feminine!

Dressers are from AP Industries; rug is from PB Kids; lampshade is from PB Kids and lamp base is from IKEA; I made the diaper stacker and heart decorations; My incredibly talented mom made the adorable quilt.
Quilt detail.

Love the details!  My mom is now a professional quilter - but this was one of her first!

Curtains are from PBKids; I made the valances and ribbon tie-backs.
I think it was the HOURS that I spent hand-sewing the diaper-stacker that inspired my mom to buy me a sewing machine... good call!

I painted/decorated letters from Michaels in different designs to spell out our daughter's name.

I only have a few presentable photos from this configuration of the room.  Things have changed and now both girls sleep in this room, and the aqua/orange room is a dressing/play room for them - but neither room feels finished enough (for blog-viewing) at the moment.  I have a few projects in mind though... and will try to get to them soon!


  1. That was my very first quilt : ) Made with love ♥

  2. You have put that very simple machine to great use! xoxo


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