Monday, September 26, 2011

Dining Room Chandelier Progression

The first time I saw Jonathan Adler's Meurice chandelier, I loved the use of small round bulbs instead of traditional candelabra bulbs.  I've seen these bulbs used on more traditional chandeliers as well and have been itching to try them out.

via the Cross Design

Although I love small round bulbs... I did not love the vintage round globe-light fixture that was installed in our dining room when we bought the house.

(This is not a true "before", since this fixture was originally a peachy color.  Until we were ready to replace it, I painted the frame white to help it blend with the ceiling.)
After living with the globe light for a while, we started hunting for a reasonably-priced replacement.  Because of the age of this house, we thought it best to hire an electrician to change out the fixture... which left a minimal budget for the new fixture.  A couple of years ago, we found a nicely shaped traditional polished brass chandelier (including 6 toile shades) on Craigslist for about $55 - sprayed it white for a more updated look - and had it installed. 

 My original goal in spray-painting the chandy was to bring a little funk into the space - so, I put the shades aside.  But, with regular candelabra bulbs, the chandelier felt a little naked... and ultimately, I put the set of 6 toile shades to use.  We've had the chandelier as pictured above for a few years - and it looks perfectly suitable in our home... but, I still yearned for something a little more youthful and spunky. 

A quick trip to Home Depot, and a few dollars later... and we have a new look!

I think it achieves what I had originally intended, and am surprised it took me so long to make such a quick and simple change.  I wouldn't say that this is our "forever" chandelier... but, for a budget makeover... I'm happy with it (for now)!  

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