Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Handleset ordered!

I pulled the trigger on the handlesets... here's what I ended up choosing (all in polished brass, and all via http://www.handlesets.com/):

Emtek Charleston

Emtek 2408 Doorbell

Emtek 2610 Viewer
After further research and thought - I realized that to maintain our current functionality, I would want to get a mortise handleset, which allows you to set the door to lock automatically, without having to physically turn the key in the deadbolt.  That pushed us up in price a bit, but luckily, http://www.handlesets.com/ (one of the build.com companies) is having a big sale on Emtek, so, we got a pretty good deal! 

I waffled a lot on polished v. antique brass.  Emtek's "french antique" is actually a very pretty finish - but, since I also need a door knocker and mailslot (from different companies), I was a little concerned that finishes would clash too much.  And, the more I pay attention to front doors as I drive around town, the more I am confident that polished brass will look timeless and chic on a glossy black door.

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