Monday, September 19, 2011

Foyer lighting

Now that I've begun to browse light fixtures for our foyer - I'm drawn in by the idea of upgrading our current light and am inclined to spend less on the outside fixtures in order to create a little wiggle room in the budget.

These are at the top of my list at the moment...

Shades of Light
This one works well if we are unable to move the light box to the center of the room, since the door will easily clear if we use a short flush-mount.

Shades of Light
This is probably my favorite, but will only work (for door clearance), if a joist does not prevent moving the light box to the center of the space.

Shades of Light
This could work in the current location of the light, but I think the black framing is a little too heavy for my tastes.
Hinkley Lighting available here.
If we decide to go a little more traditionsl/formal, this would work well with the style of the house and with the brass door hardware.

Shades of Light
I love this chandelier, and thought perhaps we could swag it, if the light box can't be moved.  But, I think it's probably too large.  I will definitely keep it in mind for our bedroom.

As you can see, Shades of Light has become a go-to lighting source for me.  I still browse through tons of sites - CSNLighting, LightingDirect, LightingUniverse as well as many others... but, Shades of Light offers such a well-curated selection at decent (not inexpensive) prices.  For inspiration, Circa Lighting is hard to beat.


  1. Love the second one - the apothecary lantern. I've used them in every home foyer we've had because I love the classic look and they cast such a pretty light. If you can't move the box, I think I like the flushmount brass one in photo number 3. Good progress!

  2. Thanks, Meg - fingers crossed on centering the light!!

  3. I have the last one sitting in the study as I type. I'm so excited to have it for our new master bedroom! But I must say it is huge in real life. Like holy cow how is this going to fit big. It does fit and I had drawn it out in CAD but I was still surprised. They do make smaller model of the same light if that's what you want. It's not for a space with low ceilings as it looks best hanging down a little...I feel like we're pushing it with our bedroom. I assume they are low since you're looking at flushmounts. I looked around your blog for pictures of your foyer but I can't find any.

    The light is from Visual Comfort so you can find it at many sites not just SOL. It's built very well and is solid. The iron really adds a rustic feel which is exactly what I wanted for our master bedroom.


  4. Thanks, Robin - that is really good to know. Sounds like it wouldn't work in our foyer or our bedroom - not much ceiling height to work with! Oh well - filed away for the future.
    In this post, you can sort of see the ceiling in the foyer (

    I checked out your blog - you guys are seriously talented! I'm so impressed.

    Thanks for commenting :)


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