Friday, May 27, 2011

Biting the bullet!

Last night, I finally decided to tackle a project that I've been too scared and indecisive to take on for the past couple of years...

 I picked up this lovely chair on Craigslist for about $50 with big plans to paint the wood a bright color and reupholster the cushions.  After living with the chair for the past two years, I've come to love the natural wood color, and am going to keep that as is.  But, it's time to bid this pink upholstery farewell.

This fabric (that I blogged about here) has been sitting in my room for the past week - waiting to find its perfect home.  I might kick myself for going white - but, since this chair barely gets used, I am going to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Step 1:  Stripping

That's Brothers & Sisters in the background... I'm about 5 episodes behind - sad the show was cancelled :(

Oops - maybe I shouldn't have cut this synthetic webbed material...

Getting the staples out is one tough job... I probably removed about 20% of them and I think I'm going to leave it at that.  As long as I can trim enough of the leftover fabric away, I should be able to staple right over the old ones (I hope)!

At this point, I had to call it a night.  Let's see if I can bang this project out over the weekend.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I am so impressed that you can reupholster a chair on your own! You picked beautiful fabric! Found you through the comments on Effortless Style Blog.

    Oksana from


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