Thursday, May 19, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Zu Sheng Yu

The Bethesda Fine Art Festival took place last weekend, drawing 140 amazing artists from around the country to our local downtown area.  I love going every year, wandering from booth to booth, admiring the incredible talent and beauty.  This year, several artists caught my eye - in addition to one of our all-time favorites, David Oleski.  I'll save my post on David for another day (there's a very cute story that goes along with it)... but, today I'm excited to share some of the inspiring oil paintings of Zu Sheng Yu:

So hard to pick a favorite!  As much as I love the hilarious farm scenes (Mona Lisa, Lady Liberty, Elvis, Marilyn or Abe... who could choose?!) and the dramatic draped cloths, I think those falling maple leaves are my top pick.

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