Friday, April 22, 2011

A quick stop at World Market

On an errand run the other night, I stopped in World Market to have a look.  I probably stood the longest in the candy aisle, staring at the hundred varieties of Haribo candy... but, I also stopped to admire several items in the decor section.
Can't figure out why this photo won't upload horizontally - sometimes blogger has a mind of its own!  Anyway, these wooden panels are so pretty - especially the moorish pattern in the top one.
I guess I'm on board with the bird trend (I keep gravitating toward bird fabrics and decorations)!  These look like my new thrift store napkin rings.  The collection is available online.

This is Pottery Barn's version - in glass.

In fact, Pottery Barn has a ceramic version as well.  I like the glass ones better.

 I digress.  Back to World Market.

I also haven't tired of the chevron trend yet.  What a fun take on classic white towels!  These are also available online - and the reviews are glowing.

This rug looks like a thick cozy wool sweater and probably feels amazing underfoot.
I might have to head back there this weekend for some of those white handtowels!

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