Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DC Design House - Part III

Moving on in my recap of the DC Design House, today, I'm posting photos of three rooms that just invite relaxation: the Garden Room by Whitney Stewart, the Sunroom, by Gary Lovejoy and the Pool Room by Erin Paige Pitts.

I would love to curl up on this settee with a new shelter mag and a latte.  How decadent!

The clean lines of the distinctly modern sunroom are an interesting contrast to the adjacent lush, traditional garden (photos to come tomorrow).

When I first heard there would be a pool room, I imagined a dark room with a large pool table (and I can't say I was terribly excited to see that).  No, the pool room leads out to the beautiful swimming pool!

Erin Paige Pitts successfully integrates crisp and casual to create a sophisticated and calming retreat.  The swings really add a wow-factor here. 

That gorgeous table-skirt reminds of me of chic beachy attire like tunics and linen pants.

Framed intaglios made their way into at least 3 or 4 of the rooms - it almost seemed that the were the common thread that tied the designs together!  They really do work well in different settings.

The painted greek key accent on the doors adds a touch of whimsy, and coordinates with the accent pillow, the tones of the wood floor and the spiral diamond pattern of the sisal rug.

Tomorrow, I'm covering the Dining Room, Family Room and garden.  Tune back in for more inspiring spaces!

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