Monday, April 11, 2011

Bye, Bye, Bathrooms

Demo starts today... so, here are the official "befores"... just a few weeks 'til the "afters"!

Master Bath:

The layout in this bathroom will be changing (hallelujah!).  The wall against which the toilet and the sink currently sit will be bumped back about 18 inches, allowing for a vanity and some extra floor space.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have a vanity with drawers so that I can actually keep my hairbrush, makeup and miscellaneous toiletries in the bathroom as opposed to in plastic shoe boxes in my bedroom closet!

Here you can see that the door swings in - which makes for a very crowded space.  We'll have the door reversed so it swings into the bedroom instead.  The wall behind the door (where you see the corner of a towel bar) will become a shower door - and the shower will replace our existing closet.

Here you can see the closet that will become our shower.  This has been our only closet (along with the IKEA wardrobe) - it's an odd thing, isn't it?  We can't figure out how this room was originally configured, and whether the master half-bath was added at some later point in time.

Girls' Bathroom

This bathroom was partially updated not that long ago.  I'm curious to see what's under the white square tiles - I bet there's another layer of tile underneath!
We'll be replacing this funky bathtub with a short 4 foot tub, which will allow us to gain the extra space in the master bath (the far wall will move in about 18 inches).  It's not ideal, but these tubs aren't made anymore, and the main reason we need a bath is for the kids - so, a short one shouldn't be an issue.  Getting a shower in our bathroom SO makes up for any incovenience here.

Unfortunately, we can't reverse-swing this door because it would swing out to the edge of the staircase - huge saftey hazard.  Gotta love old houses - and all their quirks!

And there you have it.  We've moved the whole family down to the basement for the duration of the renovations.  It's going to be a crazy few weeks!

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