Thursday, April 7, 2011

DC Design House - Part IV

To wrap up my tour of the wonderful DC Design House, today's photos take you through the dining room by Camille Saum, family room by Barbara Francesci and the garden/koi pond by Scott Brinitzer. 

 A dining room is the perfect space in which to do something bold and different and Camille Saum's quirky opulent dining room does just that with its moss-covered fireplace mantle, glamorous chandelier, acid yellow floor treatment and chair upholstery, and voluminous flowing tableskirt and drapes.  But notice how the walls and trim are painted the same taupey-gray shade - this creates a nice neutral backdrop to the interesting statement elements in the room.

These chairs are right up my alley.  Remember my post on bold dining room chairs?  What a great example - with their patent leather upholstery and coordinating floral fabric on the back.  The scale and palette of the floral pattern keeps it fresh and unfussy.

This floor treatment is beautiful, too.

These are the talented designers.

Unfortunately, I missed the barebones tour, but from what I heard, the family room was a sad space enveloped by dark wood panelling.  I was delighted when I stepped into Barbara Francesci's cheerful and sophisticated updated family room. 
Barbara blends traditional and modern elements seamlessly in this space.

The soft roman shades are simple and elegant.

Camel is probably my favorite shade for leather - this beautiful bench with the furry bolster pillow is a perfect way to break up a conversation area - creating a sleek partition without blocking any views.

I loved the way Barbara painted the panelling, but left the wood tones on the window sashes, bar area and dentil moulding. 

Barbara commissioned these graphic exaggerated silhouette portraits by local artist Dave Peterson.  Aren't they fun?

If I weren't worried about little heads crashing into the sharp corners of this amazing side table, I would have snapped it up (most furnishings in the Design House are generously donated and for sale).  I love the lucite with faux woodgrain design!

Interesting patterns and textures... the loveseat is beautifully upholstered with this amazing herringbone fabric and solid contrast trim.  Playful elements like this loopy pillow, the portraits, lucite woodgrain table and the graphic rug bring a sense of humor and informality to the space.

Isn't this spectacular?  Here you can get a sense of the exterior of the house.

Off in the rear right, you can see umbrellas and chairs over by the pool.

It's hard to believe this oasis is just a couple blocks from the apartment buildings along Connecticut Ave in Van Ness!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Design House this week.  Doors open on Saturday, so if you are in town, you can see it in person!  I didn't catch every room and detail - so, there is much more to explore!

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