Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DC Design House - Part II (Upstairs)

Today, I will take you on a tour of the upstairs rooms in the DC Design House. 

1.  Secret Garden Room, Samantha Friedman Interior Design, LLC and Secret Garden Bath & Hall, J. Hodges & Associates, LLC

What a lucky girl that would have this suite to herself!  It's feminine and youthful without being cutesy.

This is such a creative element and makes the room so special.  I enjoyed chatting with Samantha Friedman, who was inspired by the quaint little window nook to create the "Secret Garden" theme.

2.  The Hideaway, Lauren Liess Interiors

Since I am an avid fan of Lauren's blog, I had seen a few sneak peaks of her room, but I was still blown away by it in person.  I had the pleasure of first meeting Lauren a couple of weeks ago at an Apartment Therapy event, where she spoke a bit about the process leading up to the design house - her application, acceptance, design plans, etc.  It was great to be able to chat with her again in her finished room - which features many of the beautiful prints from her brand new fabric line and her Mad Hatter chairs.  Her signature color - green - is especially lovely with the view of the trees through the windows.

Lauren's spaces always successfully marry a variety of textures like the diamond patterned sisal rug, sumptuous grasscloth wallpaper, matchstick shades and the fabulous console - which was a last minute "emergency" find. 

She also manages to give a newly decorated room a truly collected and lived-in feeling, as highlighted by the gallery wall and this fantastic quirky light fixture by Rick Singleton.

The top mattress on this window seat is covered in one of my very favorite fabrics - Samarkand by Peter Dunham.  It might have to make an appearance in my master bedroom...  Lauren convinced me that it would be worth it!

This is the sweet and talented Lauren Liess.
3.  One For the Guys, David Mitchell Interior Design

This boy's room by David Mitchell is a lot of fun.  From a gander at David Mitchell's blog (which carries the disclaimer that it is a "non-kumbaya" zone), one can tell that David doesn't lack personality... and neither does this room.  With the exaggerated gallery-style display of large bird prints, the hipster Makins hat collection and the massive cylinder filled with #2 pencils, among other things - the room gives off a bit of a tongue in cheek quality. Most of the furnishings are his own designs.

This brings me back to my post on collections.  Displayed in the right way, collections of just about anything can make for interesting and appealing home decor.

This vignette shows that you don't need a real collection to create an impact.  I love this example of turning an ordinary object into a bold design statement by displaying it en masse in a simple vessel.  This concept can be carried out in countless ways - obvious examples are fruits, vegetables, nuts, pinecones, seashells, other desk accessories (e.g., rulers, erasers, scissors, etc.), sports paraphernalia (e.g., golf balls), buttons, etc.

Patchwork hide rugs seem to be popular these days.  I like David's version, with its neutral tones and dark contrast stictching.  It must feel heavenly to step out of bed onto this.

4.  Master Bedroom & Dressing Room, Iantha Carley Interiors and Master Bath, Allie Mann, Case Design/Romedeling

Iantha Carley's master bedroom is a perfect example of the "traditional with a twist" aesthetic.  The shapes and details of the furnishings are traditional, while the colors and patterns are playful and modern.  I really enjoyed this cheerful, feminine space.

The bed canopy treatment and window panels are David Hicks' La Fiorentina.  I love this citrusy-green colorway and think the angular lines of the pattern bring in a masculine element to an otherwise feminine design.  I would love to create a canopy like this in our room, but I think I'd be vetoed on this one!

This clean-lined desk with white laquer trim and ornate white laquered chair work so well together.

I'm planning to do a similar full-length pillow, either in this rectangular shape or a long round bolster.  It's such a great way to bring a punch of pattern and color onto an otherwise neutral bed.

The neutral and modern bathroom is a calming little sanctuary.  Of course, I love the use of marble with dark wood and chrome accents. 

This unapologetically feminine dressing room is quite charming with its chinoiserie influence.  I am a self-proclaimed girly-girl, so I can certainly appreciate the glitz and glam in here!

This is a great little vignette - the yummy pink tufted chair, cute green wellies and side table topped with a pair of foo [somethings] (at first glance, I thought those were foo dogs, but now they look like foo frogs!).

What a great lamp!  (The door on the left leads to the Juliet balcony overlooking the living room.)

This print is by Annechovie, whose Etsy shop is one of my favorites.

5.  Cerulian Sanctuary, Cindy McClure, Grossmueller's Design Consultants, Inc.

The hall bathroom featured a dramatic tiled accent wall in a pretty palette of blues and white. 

This valance looks like it might be made from a grommeted shower curtain - a clever way to add interest to an otherwise simple design.

Apothecary jars are another great way to display collections or decorative objects, like these porcelain spheres.
Check back in tomorrow for a few more rooms from the DC Design House.

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