Friday, April 8, 2011

Master Plans Taking Shape

Our master bedroom makeover is moving along (in my head, anyway).  To refresh your memory, this is a "before" (i.e., current) shot of the space:

This is what I'm envisioning:

 The biggest challenge here is the promixity of the window to the wall (on the right) and the door to the new closets (on the left).  Actually - the new closets on the left side of the room have created symmetry in the space - which I always crave.  But, unfortunately - this means on both sides, we will have curtains/valances awkwardly pressed up against the wall/closet.  I'm hopeful that if it's hung high enough, it will not interfere with the closet door opening fully (on the left).  I feel really strongly about doing the curtain/valance window treatment as a way to warm up the room, add some height and provide balance to the dark and heavy headboard. 

(In case you were wondering, the door leads to a flat roof that is only accessed for gutter cleaning, so I'm not concerned about interfering with easy use of the door.  Also, the blobs next to the bed are meant to be sheepskin rugs.)

My to do list is a bit daunting, but I'm really excited to start pulling this together and to finally have a grown-up bedroom.


  1. What kind of texture is displayed on the window in your drawing?

  2. The shades will be made of the small-scale fabric I posted here: (Tala Bluemarine). The curtains will be a white-ish linen (IKEA AINA curtains) lined with navy blue twill tape.


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