Friday, June 17, 2011


It became clear to me (again) at book club the other night, that we really need one or two small tables in our living room where someone could put down a drink.  Nothing too heavy or wide - space is tight, and there are a lot of large pieces in the room.  I think something leggy or light would create a nice balance.  But, of course - many of the options I'm drawn to are not so kid-friendly... so, until the girls are older, we'd probably have to keep them tucked away when we don't have company.

I've previously posted a few little tables that I've had my eye on...


 And here's another that I love each time I see it...

Worlds Away (frequently on sale on One Kings Lane)

But, now I'm thinking of going in a totally different direction.  A set of acrylic nesting tables like these CB2 peekaboo tables would  be such a fun contrast to the traditional feel of our living room - they also wouldn't affect the flow of the space, and should be pretty kid-safe! 

 I'm also checking Craigslist every now and then, but haven't found anything terribly exciting. 

Have you seen any great little side tables lately?


  1. Hi Alicia,
    I have just discovered your blog - it is great and your home is lovely! I like the idea of the acrylic tables as you need something kid-friendly. I have had my eye on the diamond-patterned stool (my girls are probably older) for a while but am still shopping around.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks so much for your kind words! Your blog looks great too - looking forward to perusing.


  3. I like the Ballard table you've shown. I've gotten my best little tables from thrift shops for 5 bucks. I usually spray paint them and they look great. Good luck on your hunt!

  4. $5 tables are great... I've had a few good finds like that, too!

  5. here are my finds, hope they help you!! xoxo shelli

  6. helps when I post the link, huh? ugh. mommy brain. xoxo shel

  7. Awesome, Shelli - thank you for the link! I remember Overstock when it comes to lighting, but forget to look there for furniture!


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