Monday, June 6, 2011

Master Bedroom: Before

I'm sure I'll never be quite finished... but, I think I'm finally ready to share some "afters" of our master bedroom.  But, before we get to the here and now - let me show you how this room has evolved over the past several years.

In the Fall of 2007 (BEFORE we owned the house), the master bedroom looked like this:

The positives:  POTENTIAL!!
The negatives:  hmmm... 

Then, around early 2008, it looked like this:

The positives:  fresh paint, refinished wood floors (no more stained old carpet), no more horrible ceiling fan/light.
The negatives:  dreary beige cellular blinds (leftovers from prior owners), mismatched furniture, my pine dressers from high school, hubby's bachelor pad bed that had a footboard (covered here by the green blanket) that injured me at least 3 times a week (sharp metal corners!), too-small bedside tables, nursery glider, and lamps that would tip over constantly (on the too-small bedside tables).

Just a few months ago (Winter 2011), it looked like this:

The positives:  Matching furniture (I painted the dressers and night-stands black to match the bed... but, ditched the bed at some point after one final thigh bruise broke the camel's back), less dreary window treatments, wall sconces (no more lamp tipping hazards), flat screen t.v. (you should have seen the dinosaur that was in here before) and new windows (the old ones were hidden by blinds in the pictures above).
The negatives:  ZERO style, personality, warmth or sophistication (not to mention the messy vanity/desk, bulky IKEA wardrobe with unveven handles, etc.). 

The room really just looked like a utilitarian sleeping/dressing room - not like a master bedroom!

After much deliberation, planning and effort, our master bedroom now looks like this:

Well, not EXACTLY like this... but, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how I translated my sketch into reality.


  1. Can't wait to see it ;)

  2. When you are done with your house...maybe I'll have one in Indy that could use your magic!


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