Friday, June 3, 2011

Chair: what I meant to say yesterday!

I tried to write my chair post from my iphone yesterday since our wireless was down, but the text didn't come through, so all I managed was a too-small, off-center photo - sorry!

So, what I had planned to say was that I learned a few lessons through this upholstery project:
1) Upholstery is hard, but not rocket science. 
2) Proper materials do make a difference.  I was too impatient to wait to buy the double-welt cording, so I improvised with regular cording, which ended up coming out bulkier than I would have ideally liked.
3) Must stock-pile hot glue sticks... it's no fun to run out in the middle of a project!
4) The gratification of finishing a project does not outweigh the misery of waking up for work on only 5 hrs of sleep.  Must stop staying up so late!

And, on that note - it is now after midnight and officially my birthday!  I'm looking forward to going to bed now, and waking up to a fun day off with my girls followed by a celebratory dinner tomorrow evening!

And, since that was way too many words - with no eye candy, here's a pretty foyer:

Robyn Karp
Wishing you a bright and cheery weekend!

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