Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update

This morning, we took the girls on their first hike at Great Falls Park.  The weather was perfect as we admired the river...

a friendly turtle...

and a beautiful butterfly.

Lucky for me, the girls conked out on the way home, so I had a free hour to explore a local estate sale.

Lately, I've been on the lookout for interesting and inexpensive decorative accessories.  I have several surfaces in my home that feel pretty static to me, and I hope to amass a little collection of accessories, so that I can swap things out and create new vignettes from time to time.  This is probably a dangerous by-product of design blog/magazine overconsumption... but, it's fun to have a purpose when you go to yard/estate sales and thrift shops.  So, lucky for me, I found a few little objects that caught my eye.

Pretty rocks and geodes make attractive paperweights, and are a nice finishing touch atop a stack of books.  I remember them being popular in the early nineties... but, they seem to be making a comeback in the design world.

I collected elephant figurines as a child, and have always had a soft spot for them.  The estate sale was chock full of elephants - the homeowner was a serious collector, but I limited myself to just this one.

This cute little Socrates was covered in dust and forgotten on a rickety bookshelf in the basement of the home.  I think he cleaned  up pretty nicely. 

I liked the look of this bust, but had no idea whom it depicted when I bought it.  It's labeled "Sumner" on the back - which I assumed was the artist, but a little googling led me to discover that it represents Charles Sumner - leader of the antislavery forces in Massachussetts.
Here they are all together...

I'm too tired tonight to find homes for all these trinkets... but, will keep you posted on where they end up!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

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