Monday, March 21, 2011

Washington Design Center's Dream Home - part 1

After a few frustrating days, it looks like my laptop is back up and running and I am happy to be able to blog again. 

Last week, I had the pleasure of exploring the Washington Design Center's 2011 Dream Home:  Jewel Tones of Design, consisting of eight rooms designed by local designers -- each inspired by a piece of jewelry.  If I had to capture the overall ambiance of the Dream Home in a few words, I would offer "luxury," "texture," "sparkle" and "sophistication."  Quite apropos of the theme!  I was thrilled to be able to meet the designers and hear directly from them how they translated their inspiration piece into a room.

Let's take a tour of the first four rooms - along with the inspiration jewelry for each.  Tune back in tomorrow for the rest of the home. 

1.  Atrium by J.D. Ireland.  Jewelry by Charm Georgetown.

Joe Ireland derived the circular theme from the blue stone in the necklace - recreating circles in the center display, along with the custom painted panels on the back walls and throughout the room.  He also cleverly adopted the little gold bead design from the necklace and created "jewelry" for the room (notice the tiny gold spheres above the crown moulding and along the iron gate element).

2.  Living Room by Susan Nelson Interiors.  Jewelry by Dina Mackney

Isn't this gorgeous?!

I like the feel of this room - sophisticated, yet youthful, with its cheerful color palette and modern accessories.  Notice the way the lavender and lime green are carried through the room in the curtains, sofa, pillows and accessories.  My, how I would love to take those bookcases home with me!

Talk about jewelry for a room - the chandelier dazzles.

3.  Media Room by Andy Staszak Interior Design.  Jewelry by Adeler Jewelers.

These earrings are made from 1st-century B.C. Roman silver coins depicting Cupid astride a goat.  Stunning.

I couldn't say it better than the brochure - the "organic elegance" of the earrings "is reflected in the neutral and earthy palette of the room."  That chair in white hide is so luxe.  The trio of nesting tables is simple, but much more interesting than a regular coffee table.  The photo doesn't really portray the coziness that this room evoked in person.

My favorite element in this room is the little lucite side table available through Donghia, which happened to be featured in this month's Elle Decor, along with a few other gorgeous designs.  A little googling also led me to a post about this line of tables at Peak of Chic.

4.  Sitting Room by Willard and Palmer Interiors.  Jewelry by Ann Hand.

What could be more "D.C." than this?

The large-scale check on the walls is a fresh take on a classic.  The coffee table is beautiful.  And, since I am in a navy blue phase at the moment, I particularly like the window treatments and navy accents.

More tomorrow!  

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