Monday, March 14, 2011

Bold Dining Room Chairs

A couple of years ago, I happened upon my best Craigslist find ever - a set of 6 gorgeous queen anne style dining chairs (2 armchairs; 4 side chairs) - for $55 (TOTAL).  The chairs must be at least several decades old and the fabric on the seats was tired and worn, but they were otherwise in pretty great shape.  A simple reupholstery project was not going to scare me off.

They're pretty similar to these Pottery Barn's Queen Anne Upholstered Chairs in the Antiqued Honey Stain (a set of six of those would have set me back over $1500).

Thinking that I was being clever and kid-friendly, I reupholstered the chairs in Sunbrella outdoor fabric.  I've heard so many rave reviews about how stain-resistant and durable it is.  Well, that has NOT been our experience.  In under 2 years, the seat cushions are truly disgusting.  We do not have an eat-in kitchen - so, we eat all meals at our dining room table - and do most art projects there as well.  It's time for a change!  But, this time - I'll be going for a bullet-proof solution... vinyl. 

I'm loving these rooms with their bold and colorful dining chairs:

Jonathan Berger; photo by Francesco Lagnese; via House Beautiful

Ashley Whittaker; photo by Eric Piasecki; via House Beautiful

Jonathan Berger; photo by Francesco Lagnese; via House Beautiful

Leslie Klotz; photo by Laura Resen; via House Beautiful

Massucco Warner Miller

I think painting the wood a bold color is not an option (I'm not the only decision-maker in our house), but how fun are these!
Jonathan Adler; photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo; via House Beautiful

Especially since my chairs don't have back cushions... I think I can probably get away with something bright and fun on the seat cushions.  Orange?  Peacock Blue?  Kelly Green? 

Any tips on good upholstery-grade vinyl?


  1. I love the torquoise (sp?) and yellow. going for that look in my bedroom. Lovely collection of pictures.

    Lana (P.s. we met at the Lauren Leiss event)

  2. Hi Lana! It was great meeting you. Would love to see what you end up doing in your bedroom! Have fun decorating.


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