Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A displayed collection can be a great conversation starter, a beautiful focal point of a room, or simply a way to add interest to a table or wall.  It's also the perfect way to make a space personal.  My mother-in-law is a master collector.  Through her many travels with my father-in-law, she has been able to infuse their homes with a wide variety of collections that reflect the richness of their experiences. 

Visiting my in-laws this weekend reminded me that I should really start a collection and encourage my girls to identify something they'd like to collect.  As a child, I collected elephant figurines and dolls (the souvenir kind that wear traditional garb).  I loved always having something to hunt for when traveling or shopping in a new place - and to receive gifts from family members who knew just what to bring for me.  Sadly, neither of my collections fared too well over the years - and, what pleased me at age 7 is not necessarily what I would choose to display in my home as an adult.  So, I'll have to brainstorm a bit and come up with something new!

These first photos show the powder room in my in-laws' apartment, which boasts 2 vast and lovely collections:  African combs and miniature boxes.  Apologies for the photo quality (I've learned quickly that my iphone is a poor replacement for a real camera)!

These next few photos were taken at their vacation home in the Hudson Valley.  The furnishings and decor are largely inspired by the log cabin style of the home.  Rustic antiques, antlers and Americana abound. 

But, there are also many touches of their global adventures.

And, lots of plants!  With all those windows and my mother-in-law's green thumb, the greenery is always vibrant.

What kinds of things do you collect?  

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  1. I love the versatilty of my blue glass collection. It's a great thing to look for when antiquing and allows for purchases of all differnt shapes, sizes, and price points with a common theme.


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