Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Buddy Craig...

... has this amazing list.  Here's my latest treasure:

As much as I loved Eddie's beautifully painted secretary with mirrored doors...  

check out his before & after
I think the one I just bought is lovely in its natural state.  And, I know Mr. 12 devonshire would definitely not be happy about another painted piece of wood furniture in the house. 

It was made by Monitor Furniture Company in Jamestown, NY (there's a paper tag on the back).  I did a quick google search and came up with this neat thread, to which the grandson/nephew of the original owners of the company apparently responded. 

I can't believe I fit this thing in our car! 

By the way, I would never have found this piece and gotten it in time if it were not for my new iPhone (yippee!).  Using the craigslist app, I did a quick search for "secretary" in the furniture listings on my way home from work and was able to call the seller right away. 

Happy treasure hunting!

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