Monday, February 7, 2011

Swatches: Master Bedroom

These are some fabrics I'm pondering for the master bedroom:

This is the print that started me on the path of a bedroom makeover.  I've always loved elephants and would love to bring this into the room as roman shade fabric or pillow shams.  The walls are a lighter/softer version of that green.

This would be great as a valance or a punchy headboard, if I were to go graphic.
Not sure how far I'd be willing to take these spots... but, they may be just the right touch for my Louis XV armchair.

Love this... but, where to put it?

Here's the question - can I work in navy blue?  I think the upholstered headboard would look great in this velvet (which I snagged for about $6/yd in a remnant sale), and a dark headboard would be a nice anchor for the room:

But, it might need something to tie it all together... I'm on the hunt for a print that brings together the green, blue, beige and taupe. 

Alternatively, I could play it safe and keep a tighter color palette with a simple neutral linen headboard:

These are just some early thoughts.  I'm hoping to marry a few different styles in this room:  classic (to fit in the style of the home); mid-century (we're inherinting some beautiful 1960s wood furniture); and organic/bohemian (for a more relaxed environment).  I think I've got some more searching and then a lot of editing to do!  

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