Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The new mantel-scape...

I played around a bit with my grandma's painting on our mantel and came up with this (for now)...

What do you think?  Figuring out how to display the horse heads gave me the most trouble... they have to stay.  I love them, spent way too much on them to put them away after just a few months, and they would be a major child safety hazard anywhere else in our home.  But, I think the back-to-back placement looks kind of cool.  Do I need to add something with more height though?  The mirror cannot go vertical - it is attached by screws on the far corners - oh well (it's too small anyway)!

Here's a close-up of the beautiful painting.  I was so happy when my grandparents gave it to me.  Both of my grandmothers are very talented artists and it's so special to have their paintings in our home (you've seen others in our master bedroom).


  1. Ok, first, I LOVE the horseys so don't get rid of them. Second, the painting is killer with the mirror.
    If you want some more height, why don't you put a vase behind the horseys (move em a little to the right ) with some really tall fern leaves or something like that in it?

  2. It's lovely! I like Megs idea of a vase behind the horses. I also love your grandmothers painting. My grandmother was an artist as well and I've had fun trying to incorporate her paintings into our home. Her paintings are not necessarily what I'd choose outright, but they are sentimental so I think they work. I still have a couple stored in a closet though because the matting and frames are just too far over the line for me. Someday I hope to reframe them!

  3. The painting looks great there! I like Meg's idea to bring in a little more height. The horses have to stay, but maybe they are not high enough to balance that end of the mantle.

  4. Thanks for the feedback - your comments make my day - keep 'em coming! I will post more pics when I come up with a vase and some tall stuff!


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