Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More entry/foyer decisions made...

Still not sure exactly when our contractors are starting on the front door project, but I'm at least making progress on getting all the pieces ordered and amassed!

After re-measuring the ceiling height in our foyer, I decided a flush-mount would be our safest bet, even if we can have the fixture centered (I had hoped to use a semi-flush if the fixture is centered, since door clearance would no longer be an issue).  I just don't want my tall friends to have to duck when they come in our house!

I opted for the Robert Abbey Chase Flushmount

And, although I was originally thinking of using a lion knocker, we ultimately chose a simpler design.  I love the scale and weight of this ring knocker from Restoration Hardware - and the price was hard to beat at $35!

Restoration Hardware


  1. very nice, Alicia!

  2. I love these and they tie together so nicely. Slowly but surely!

  3. Thanks! Looking forward to sharing the end result!


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