Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Found this on sale for $119...

Pottery Barn Calhoun Pendant

and would have LOVED to use this in our foyer.  It would solve the problem of waiting to figure out if we can center our light fixture, since we could easily install it in the current spot and swag it to the center.  But, alas - our ceilings are just too low.  Boo for low ceilings :(


  1. Ah we have the same taste in lighting! I really wanted to buy a pair of these for over the built in desk we're going to build in our basement. The desk is under a window so I thought the clear shade would help keep the view open. But the shade is too big for the space so we're not using it either.

    I'm excited to see what the next light you come up with is.

  2. Whoops forgot to add: With a some drywall patching you should be able to center the light. If you have enough slack in the wire it wouldn't be bad at all. If not you'll have to add a junction box which needs to be accessible. You can either hide that behind a ceiling medallion (it needs to be the removable though) or tear open more drywall to get it down to the wall where you can hang a picture over it. We had the same problem with our entry light but being in a ranch home we were able to climb in the attic and move the box...when I say "we" I mean my husband in that case. : )


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