Monday, January 24, 2011

The Master Bath Chronicles - Part 1

Before we get to the real before-and-after (to come circa May 2011), let's travel back to September 2007 to see what this bathroom looked like before we moved in:

Let's not discuss the toilet seat cover (yuck) and wicker storage shelves.

This one was actually taken last Jan, but I had to show the old medicine cabinet and "bonus" mirror.  I'm not opposed to the vintage art deco styling - but it was in terrible condition.  If only I'd taken a photo of the inside of that medicine cabinet (gross).

I mentioned it was tiny - approx 4' x 4'.  Clearly it wasn't a luxurious master bath that attracted me to the house, but I saw some potential in the vintage floor tile and classic black and white color scheme.  Nevertheless - I completely ignored this room for the first 2 years we were here. 

Last year, we decided to give this room a mini-makeover.  Here's the "after":

New paint (medium bluish-gray); new window; new window treatments (tutorials to come); new medicine cabinet (purchased here); and new accessories.  A new light fixture would have been nice - but, the fixture and electrician just weren't in the budget.   

I have to say - I'm pretty happy with the bathroom as it is and would have kept like this for a while.  So, why rip it all out just one year after the mini-makeover? 

Here's the main answer:

That would be our living room ceiling - remember the pesky leak I referred to the other day?  

The good news?  In order to address the leak once and for all - we'll have to replace the plumbing under both upstairs bathrooms, which means we'll get 2 shiny new bathrooms and our master bathroom will finally have a shower and a vanity!  And, let's not forget all the fun I have thinking about (err, obsessing over) the details.

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