Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iphone 4.Verizon.It begins.

I'm so ready... I don't usually get excited about technology, but the iphone is really just so many good things all wrapped up in one smooth and shiny little toy.  Feb 10th cannot come soon enough!!

Before I start thinking about all the cool apps to download, I've been scouting out cute carrying cases. 

1) Grace did an awesome roundup of iphone cases which was also featured on Design Sponge.  My favorite from her list are the amazing bamboo cases from Grove.  I love this one:

They also have a DIY option where you can upload your own illustration to be engraved on the back.

2) Casemate has a DIY option as well - what's not to love about those 3 great letters?

3) Casemate also offers this chic little gold number... 

4) ... and this artsy model which reminds me of Seleta's recent post on similar-looking fabrics: 

5) Tory - can you please stop making such cute and tempting accessories!  (Adorable, but the sleeve is just not the most practical)

5) Again - don't think a sleeve is the best bet, but  I'm loving this one too. 
6) Finally, here's a more affordable option for getting the "wood" look.  Though, I'm not sure how much protection it actually offers.

Despite all these lovely options - one of the things that's so appealing about the iphone is it's sleek design.  It's a little sad to cover it all up.  Is a naked iphone doomed from the start?

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