Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Italy Part II: Our digs

Though we had a great time together amidst the beautiful scenery, our digs this year left something to be desired... especially given the very high bar that was set by the Tuscan home that we rented last year.

I love the way my mother-in-law put it... "this house is not going on your blog!"  While true that it's not quite "blog-worthy" for the most part, I had to share just a few images with you.

"The Good"
The pool, surrounding terrace and view were lovely... and my girls had so much fun swimming.

Aside from the pool, the exquisite wood paneled arched doors throughout the house were my favorite feature.

This may not be for everyone... but, I just loved the terra cotta tile walls and aged brass fixtures in this powder room.  That said, I could do without the ornate sconce (strange placement!), odd mirror situation and bidet. 

"The Bad"
I'm not sure how to separate the bad from the ugly (and some of the "bad" did not get photographed - like the incredibly narrow driveway that was not fun for the drivers to navigate daily)... but, take for example, this:

Note the horrible (and creaky) spiral staircase (NOT kid-friendly) and the rug cut and bound to the shape of the piano.

And, "the Ugly"
Weird high-gloss faux treatment on the walls in salmon-colored peachy-pink.

Tchotchkas and strange decor in abundance.

This out-door eating area had potential - but, the fish-netting draped from the ceiling was just sad-looking.

Oh well!  They can't all be breathtaking... it was still great to have a home base from which to take day trips - and a pool in which the kids could splash around. 

More photos of the incredible scenery tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for posting these they were great fun to look at.At first glance the fish net looked like spider webs.And the rug under the piano is hysterical. I'm going to the Amalfi Coast in March. Hope my hotel is better than this!


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